Subject Re: Error Failed to load gds32.dll
Author Eduardo A
> I installed Firebird and then tried to connect the database. The system gave me following error message
> "Failed to load gds32.dll (#-904)"

When you installed the Firebird version, did you tell it to create a version of gds32.dll (which is really more like FBClient.dll but reports itself as version 6.x of gds32)?

AFAIK, Firebird uses FBClient.DLL from its bin directory and does not copy it to the System32, nor does it copy the gdds32.dll there unless you insist that it do so. So if you app is looking for gds32 it may be missing it because it was not created or because it is looking for it in the wrong place or even because the MS redistributables needed for the new client may not be installed in the client PC.

So, consider uninstalling and reinstalling paying attention to the check boxes that tell the install program what to do with gds32.dll.

Hope this helps.