Subject Re: FB on Linux installation question
Author mariuz
--- In, "Fabiano" <fabianoaspro@...> wrote:
> Hi all.
> A new customer Will use a Linux machine to run the Firebird server. Actually
> he will be the first customer to do that.
> I have read that (at last with FB 1.5 to 2.0) the linux kernel need to be
> 2.4.x to run Classic with a lot of connections.
> This issue also occurs on FB 2.5.1 Classic?

There are no kernels at this date with 2.4.x only on legacy servers
The only ones for active linux distributions are 2.6.x or 3.x

The recommended distro to use : Debian (Wheezy)or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

They are the most used server side distros on the planet

> Another tip is that writes on ext4 file system is slower than ext3 if
> 'barrier' was ON. I can figure out the best file system to this customer.
> Ext4 with/without barrier or ext3? The best for me is stability, I don't
> want to easily corrupt my database on a fast partition. (power down
> problems, etc).

ext4/xfs and ext3 by default are very safe , only when you need some speed tweaks you can play with filesystem parameters
if you care about your data please leave them untouched
> What are the best fast/secure balanced partition type?
you can check some performance numbers from the past
but these benchmarks could be wrong with the newer kernels 3.x

So the safe and fast are : ext3, ext4 , xfs
> And finally - forced writes. I read that this configuration works on Linux
> with FB 2.5.x. What is the best configuration?

The best configuration is to leave it by default (it is enabled)