Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Extract metadata to xml?
Author Reinier Olislagers
On 19-7-2012 13:17, arda wrote:
> I also think that your government wants
>> to have it in a specific XML schema, not just 'in XML'.
>> Mark
> Umm no :)
> I've just called them, they say 'ok' to any kind of metadata in a
> readable format.
> Thank you.

Then stick something like
<?xml version="1.0"?>
before the output you get from e.g. Flamerobin metadata export
after, and you're done. (Ok, that won't be XML because you'd have to
escape invalid characters etc, but I hope you get my point).

I really don't think that is what they have in mind. They must want to
*do* something with that metadata. For that, they will need to read it.
For that, they will need to have a fixed format so they can read it
consistently, or build a custom parser for each person handing in the
XML files?!?!?

I think the key word you're missing is they said *readable* format. What
formats are readable to them?