Subject Re: [firebird-support] Service Manager SPB (Parameter Buffer)
Author Koenraad Lelong
On 18-07-12 20:56, dve83 wrote:
> Hi, busy connecting to the service manager via the API.
> According to Interbase 6 API Guide I need to prep the SPB with the following
> isc_spb_version1
> isc_spb_current_version
> isc_spb_user_name
> Length(6) of Username
> username
> isc_spb_password
> Length(9) of password
> password
> my result in AnsiString looks likes this
> #1#2#$1C#6'SYSDBA'#$1D#9'masterkey'
> SPBLength = 21
> this seems correct according to the spec in the API, however I keep
> getting the following Interbase message
> ' Invalid clumplet buffer structure: buffer end before end of clumplet -
> clumplet too long'
> To me this means that either section 'username' or 'password' is beyond
> the length of the buffer.
> HOWEVER, if I remove the isc_spc_current_version and decrease SPBLength
> by 1, all is good and the connection to Service Manager is made. What am
> I missing?


I don't know if it's anything to do with your problem, but AFAIK,
Firebird passwords are max. 8 characters long.


Koenraad Lelong