Subject Re: [firebird-support] UNC-Path on Windows
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:31 AM 18/07/2012, Christian Kessing (voks GmbH) wrote:
>I have a server with, let's say, the IP inside a LAN. RemoteFileOpenAbility is set to 1. The Firebird server accesses the local database file with the UNC path \\\database\data.fdb. The local path to the database file is C:\database\data.fdb. Is there a performance penalty for using the UNC path instead of the local path? My fear is that everything is looped through the network interface. Are there other disadvantages in using UNC path to the local machine with Firebird?

The short answer for you is "Do not do this on Windows" unless your database has the read-only attribute set (it will never be updated). You will corrupt your database otherwise.

Make RemoteFileOpenAbility 0 and place your databases on disks that are physically on the same host machine as the Firebird server. Have clients access it by TCP/IP (preferably) or WNET (less desirable, noisy protocol, still possible on Windows NT platforms, connection limits subject to M$oft licensing).


(where Myservername must be the network name of the ***physical*** machine)