Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: How to use a variable to forme a query?
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> Is it possible to make a output of the variable this_query to view if
> all newly formed variable is correct? Something like a send_to_log()
> send_to_log(this_query);
> for execute statement :this_query into :a, :b, :c, ..., :z do
> suspend;
> end
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a) Create a logging table, and insert into that logging table where you currently
have send_to_log(). (results won't be visible to other transactions until you
commit, so for testing, you may want to execute this procedure manually in your
database tool and then check the log table, all in the same transaction.)

b) There are probably UDF's to help you write to a filesystem log file. I wrote
my own for convenience, but you might check out

which has some file-handling functions already written for you (they're pretty
raw, you'll have to open the file handle, then write, then ...)