Subject Re: [firebird-support] Slow query with like '%xxx%' clause
Author Frank Schlottmann-Gödde
On 13.07.2012 14:22, Tupy... nambá wrote:
> Wenn man die Vorschlage aus Herrn Gödde folgen wird, man kann ein
> "Googler" bauen..... d.h., wenn man "insert" oder "update" macht,
> dann eine Tabelle mit Suchwörte und Index wird aktualiziert......
> stimmt das ?

Genau, but don't forget the "delete" :-)

If this kind of search is needed quite often and search speed is an
issue, it is the easiest solution I can think of. Another approach could
be to add a somehow "normalized" representation of the data

(removing stop-words from customer names, remove letters from VAT-Codes

> This can mean that the accessories operations will increase
> the time to insert/update operations.

The impact is not that big from my experience.
We use a similar approach to allow a global search over lot's of
different tables.

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