Subject Re: [firebird-support] Does qli connection over tcp/ip require a user and password
Author Michael Ludwig
Ted Miglautsch schrieb am 13.07.2012 um 09:53 (+0400):
> I am trying to connect between two Linux computers. The hosts.equiv
> file is properly setup as I previously did with IB but the connection
> is rejected. I can rsh to the remote computer without entering a
> password. But qli gets that user and password not defined message.

When I made my fist steps onto Linux terrain eleven years ago I learnt
that hosts.equiv and rlogin should not be used for security reasons.
I've never ever set up hosts.equiv on any machine and never ever used
rlogin anywhere. Are you sure these facilities are properly enabled on
the machine you're using?

As for QLI, it's a very old tool dating back to InterBase's pre-SQL
days, and, as you might have guessed, I've never used it. It doesn't
get mentioned a lot neither on this list nor on the devel list:

The IB 6.0 PDF manuals don't mention QLI at all. Helen's book from 2004
mentions QLI on pages 454, 936, 1030 and 1037.

Found a syntax reference and an article:

Using qli to Extract Data into a New Database

For SQL, use the isql utility. Sorry in case you knew all that.