Subject Re: [firebird-support] Slow query with like '%xxx%' clause
Author Reinier Olislagers
On 12-7-2012 16:24, Tupy... nambá wrote:
> Caro "peixinhosdalua",
> There is no way to increase such kind of searches in a database, because
> the searches are made line per line, searching inside each line by the
> occurrence of your needed search by displacement of the searching word,
> char by char.....
> For this kind of search, there is no tip and no trick to increase the speed.

Agreed with Roberto's (and others') remarks about performance in

Perhaps you could use a full text search engine like Lucene or Sphinx
for these searches in your database....
See e.g. (don't
know whether it's up to date or not)

Good luck,