Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database current time zone
Author Lester Caine
Stefan Heymann wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> >How do I get my database current time zone?
>> >I need it in order to calculate database current UTC time.
> Please take a look at, and eventually vote for, this Tracker issue:

A post I created yesterday did not get through as my new touchpad tablet can't
produce text emails ... at least I've not found any setting to switch off the
html mode :(

For a long time now all my servers have been set to UTC time not only for
Firebird but for web page serving as well. Since timezone identified by browsers
do not include the essential DST information, the only way to correctly display
a 'local' time to a client is by providing a means for them to identify the
local DST information. Since I handle timetabling information, the only way to
track that is with a fixed UTC clock, you can't use a 'local time' since it
messes up at every change point.

TIMEZONE is simply a useless additional piece of information. If one needs
anything its 'location' to correctly identify the daylight saving information as
well ... so I see this as a simple matter of educating users the correct way to
handle time information. Getting Firebird to try and compensate for incorrectly
configured hardware is simply wrong?

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