Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Why not sweeping?
Author Hans
Isn't it possible to write one SQL procedure
for all the 'Rules'. Should be much faster
than shipping data from the database,
apply some 'Rule' and shipping it back
to the database. If anything fails in
the SQL procedure or a data error was
detected by some 'Rule' and exception
rolls everything back.

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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: Why not sweeping?

Now you've made me think (and you math is correct BTW). This might be
unrelated and if so, just ignore, but let me explain a simplified version of
our architecture and ask for some advice regarding transaction handling.

We have an application that almost continuously runs through a set of
"rules" and processes them. Lets say there are 6000 rules stored in a table.
In order to process each "rule" the application has to perform a set of
selects and updates from many other tables (mostly storing warehouse
inventory). Depending on the outcome of the process, the rule's status,
lastexecutetime, etc is updated. These rules are then continuously displayed
in a summarized view in a dashboard application.

We currently process each rule in its own transaction, so to commit or
roll-back depending on retuned values from the other statements. We cannot
process all the rules in one transaction (unless if we use savepoints?).
Also the inventory changes constantly so getting a snapshot at starttime
will not make sense when getting to rule 5000+.

Given the above makes sense (to anyone except me:-), I do not see another
way to handle this without increasing the TransactionIDs continuously?



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