Subject RES: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird hangs for a while blocking all DB operations periodically.
Author Fabiano
The blocking beavior is for SS/SC? The Classic version has an different GC
and maybe it does not occur.

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Assunto: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird hangs for a while blocking all DB
operations periodically.

it's exactly the same for us :( it's garbage collection !

when the garbage collection start, then any connection that try to load any
row that are in the process of the garbage collection are blocked (freezed)
! in fact all the connection that try to select anything on the table are
freeze ... this from several min, to sometime even hours !! of course it's a
disaster :(

for us the garbage collect start after we do a massive delete.

to emulate it ... simple, delete severals thousands rows, and do a select
AFTER this delete ... you will see that the select is block an ALL OTHER
selects too :(

i m now thinging about mysql to solve this probleme (just to move our
session table to mysql database), but i m not sure that mysql will not have
the same probleme. anyone here can confirm ?

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> We don't do anything particularly special in deletes / updates once a
month. The last two times we have observed this issue, it occurred during a
DB sweep so perhaps it is related to garbage collection. The strange thing
is that everything is blocked, even other existing DB connections that all
recover on their own after a few minutes.
> Regards,
> Anthony
> > Since this happen about once a month, do you happen to do massive
monthly deletes or updates, Anthony, and do the blocking occur after such
deletes/updates and before or during the next sweep? If so, a possible
solution could (in some cases), be to delete/update a bit every hour or day
rather than monthly.
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