Subject Re: [firebird-support] Libs on Linux
Author Milan Babuskov
Matthias Hanft wrote:
> is still true?

That FAQ is meant only for users that have problems with libstdc++. The
way you think, it was not true for a large portion of users the day when
it was written.

> And again, I don't seem to need it... do I?

No, if you can start FB, you don't.

> Recompiling
> Firebird as well helped (does it incorporate links to glib and/or
> libffi at compile time? revdep-rebuild didn't find any).

Is running Classic and option for you? That might work.

> Since Firebird is a binary package there (directly from the
> website), I can't recompile it.

Of course you can, I did it many times. Just take the source code
tarball, unpack, build and install. In the long run it might break when
you upgrade system, but you can recompile it then once more.

> PS: Sometimes people are talking about the "DLL hell" on Windows.
> Seems that Linux isn't much better in this respect, eh?!

Different religion - different kind of hell ;)


Milan Babuskov

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