Subject AW: [firebird-support] statement and composite variable names
Author Olaf Kluge
Hello Helen,

>declare variable fname varchar(31);
>i = 1;
>while (i< 7) do
>fname = 'F' || cast (i as char);
>idexists = 0;
>stmtxt = 'select 1 from rdb$database where exists(SELECT * FROM
>and RDB$FIELD_NAME = ' || fname;
>execute statement stmtxt into :idexists;
>if(idexists = 0) then
>i = i + 1;


Thank you, but I can see only the name of the variable in my stmtxt (.name =
F1). It should be the value of the variable.)

At the moment I have realized it with an separate stored procedure (check
the value) and returning okay or not. But I must call it 6 Times.

If there is another solution, please help.

Thank you all.

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