Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded Firebird for a multi-user app without a windows install
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:58 PM 23/05/2012, KevinTory wrote:
>I have a simple app, which needs to run for a few users, written in The users to not have the ability to run an install on their own computers, so we must install via a simple xcopy. Currently we are using SQLite, but the performance is pretty bad when the db gets a bit large.
>Can I have a Firebird db file on a shared drive

No, never. A database always has to be on the same host as the server.

>, and have multiple (two or three) users accessing it using the embedded edition of Firebird?

Not as users of the embedded server.

> I have read the existing similar posts and am still not clear if this situation is supported.

It is not supported. With Firebird, clients request attachments to a database through a server. That is true whether it is a database used by one client with the server embedded or by multiple users connecting across a network.

>I cannot install a server, I cannot run a Windows install on the users' computers.

Then you are stuck. Your scenario calls for a Firebird server running on the machine where the database resides, with session users logging in as clients. With such a small workgroup, one of your client machines can be the host machine.

Sounds as though you need to negotiate a common sense solution with the people you are working for.