Subject Re: [firebird-support] Access 32 bit DB on 64 bit system?
Author Kjell Rilbe
Den 2012-05-21 14:32 skrev Thomas Steinmaurer s�h�r:
> > I've archived some old FDB files since my Win2000 (32 bit) days, and
> > unfortunately some of them are available only in FDB form, not as a
> > backup file.
> >
> > Is there any way I can get access to them on my current 64 bit system
> > with only 64 bit Firebird installed?
> The database file is binary compatible between 32 and 64-bit, thus you
> should be able to open the database with a 64-bit Firebird server just
> fine.

That's what I thought, thus not making sure I had backup files before
upgrading os. But I now have a couple of FDB files that I can't connect
to. I get "XXX is not a valid database". I had a backup file of one of
them and restored it, which works, but I would like to gain access to
others, where no backup file exists.

The files are from 2006-2009 and probably created with Firebird 2.0, but
that shouldn't matter, should it?

> What you can't do is mixing 32/64-bit server processes accessing
> the same database at the same time.

That's not an issue.

> > No problem having to go via backup/restore or something, but I'd rather
> > not muck about with installing 32 bit Firebird... (Would that help?)
> Btw, you can run an additional "temporary" 32-bit server instance by
> using the ZIP distribution very easily, even on an 64-bit OS of course.

That might be worth a try.


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