Subject Re: External Files Problem
Author Jack Mills
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 02:33 AM 18/05/2012, you wrote:
> >I am trying to use external files but keep getting this error
> >Access to external file "C:\magusdb\dxs3.txt" is denied by server administrator.
> >
> >I have modified firebird.conf External file paths/directories section to include
> >ExternalFileAccess = Restrict C:\magusdb
> >also separately tried ExternalFileAccess = Full
> >I stopped & restarted the server in each case.
> >
> >Windows XP SP3 firebird 2.5.1
> 1. When you changed the ExternalFileAccess parameter, did you remember to delete the '#' preceding it?
> 2. Do you have the file open with another application?
> ./heLen

Michael, Helen thank you for your responses.

I found the problem, one of my own making.
A some time ago I was trying to get UDF access working & I made an entry into the External Function (UDF) Paths/Directories section.
ExternalFileAccess = c:\program files\firebird\firebird_2_5\udf. I later added a correct entry for udf access but didn't remove the above statement.
After removing the line the external files is working correctly to the directory I specified in the external files section.

Sorry for wasting your valuable time.