Subject Re: [firebird-support] Calling Firebird from Excel?
Author Bart Smissaert
Yes, you are right, but I took it that worked otherwise no point
in trying to use it in Excel.
Also I think he did manage to get data in Excel via Data, Import
external data etc.


On 5/3/12, Leyne, Sean <Sean@...> wrote:
> Bart,
>> > The driver box says "IscDbc".
>> That is not a file name as far as I know.
>> The file I have is C:\WINDOWS\system32\OdbcJdbc.dll
> Let's step back.
> Let's start by setting up an ODBC DSN -- we will use that to ensure that the
> basic connectivity is working.
> When you press the "Test" button on the ODBC DSN want happens?
> Sean