Subject Re: [firebird-support] Calling Firebird from Excel?
Author Maury Markowitz
On 2012-05-03, at 11:59 AM, Bart Smissaert wrote:
>> The driver box says "IscDbc".
> That is not a file name as far as I know.
> The file I have is C:\WINDOWS\system32\OdbcJdbc.dll

So I went to the System32 folder… but are we not talking about 64bit stuff? Do they put 64bit stuff in System32?!

Looking in the folder I see a range of Odbc___.dll files. The ones of interest appear to be OdbcFb.dll, .lib and .pdb

There is also a CHM. It does not contain any reference to OdbcFb.dll, but it does refer to IscDbc.dll and OdbcJdbc.dll, neither of which exist on my system. The file also refers to itself as OdbcJdbc.chm, when that is not its actual name.

So I suspect that the driver was recently renamed from OdbcJdbc.dll to OdbcFb.dll

However, I also strongly suspect that none of this would have any effect on the problem. In particular, the help file has a number of connection string examples, but all of them are the same as what we are attempting here, with no luck.

The file that supplied the driver can be found here: