Subject Re: [firebird-support] Calling Firebird from Excel?
Author Maury Markowitz
On 2012-05-02, at 6:32 PM, Bart Smissaert wrote:
> What is your ODBC driver?

I don't know, it came with the Fishbowl system. Is there a way to get more information?

> strConn = "Driver={Firebird/InterBase(r) driver};" & _
> "Dbname=c:\Program Files\Fishbowl\database\data\AS SOLAR.FDB;"
> OpenDBConnection strConn, "XXX", "YYY"

Ahhh, progress, but not for the reason you think!

I used the string above and it did not work - same "Automation Error". So then I started suspecting that perhaps this was due to permissions. So I opened the same code under an admin account. It still doesn't work, but at least now I have more information!

[ODBC Firebird Driver]Unable to connect to data source: library 'gds32.dll' failed to load.

I have noticed one difference between the ODBC manager setup and this connection string: the ODBC setup includes a "client" line. However, adding…

Client=c:\Program Files\Fishbowl\odbc\fbclient64.dll;

to the connection string didn't improve matters.

I *suspect* this has something to do with 32/64 bit issues, or a mis-registered DLL.