Subject Re: building a DLL and trying to use gcc
Author hvlad
--- In, Ray Holme wrote:

> I said it was C not C++ and I said that I use ibase.h and ib_util.h to
> define the two routines, but I should also say that my gcc compile line
> specifies "-DWIN32" so the functions would be declared
> extern void __stdcall isc_decode_date(...)
> and
> extern void * isc_util_malloc(...)
> the latter should probably have been declared:
> extern void * ISC_EXPORT isc_util_malloc(...)
> in ib_util.h but is not
> (I do put in the __stdcall for ALL my udf functions)
> Despite that I do not match and find the routines in the two libraries.

I understand almost nothing in above. But it seems you used wrong
declarations of isc_decode_date and isc_util_malloc. Could you prepare
and show minimal code sample and commands you used to build a library ?