Subject Re: Performance over VPN
Author Matheus Degiovani

> The client does fetch the resultset row by row. The Time sould be
> determined more by the size of result than by the complexity of query.

Is this actually true? I just ran a test, remotely (through an internet
link) connecting to a database on a firebird 2.5 server, and I ran a
wireshark dump while performing simple select statements.

I used a simple demo (can provide source if requested) written in Delphi
using dbexpress.

I could read about 5500 records (3 varchar columns, total of 59 bytes per
row) with around 580 tcp packets. Stepping through the source, a request
for the next row (assuming no more data available) would bring about 6/7
new rows from the server in a sigle tcp fragment.

Don't know if this is a compression on the TCP stack (Nagle & similar
techniques), a feature from dbexpress or if it's the actual firebird
protocol. Don't know if running the connection over a VPN would change the

Also, is there any work under way to provide compression and encryption to
firebird connections?

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