Subject Re: Automatically install firebird
Author erikfrerejean
For future reference if someone else encounters this problem.
If you edit /etc/default/firebird2.5 so that the ENABLE_FIREBIRD_SERVER
variable is set to TRUE. Then you can just run sudo service
firebird2.5-super start to run the service without having to reconfigure
the package. This however assumes that you've taken care of creating the
password file and related configuration options.

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<erikfrerejean@...> wrote:
> I'm currently working on an implementation that allows firebird to be
installed on the `travis-ci` service. One of the requirements is that
the service isn't started when the vm is booted, however it should be
possible to start the service when it is needed. Now I'm running agains
a problem where it appears that you must run
> `sudo dpkg-configure firebird2.5-super`
> in order to start the service. However as the installation and
starting of all services is done automatically there isn't a way for the
user to answer the questions manually. Now is my question is there a way
to start the firebird service without calling `dpkg-reconfigure`?
> I've tried pre-seeding the firebird configuration but that doesn't
seem to have any effect.

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