Subject Re: [firebird-support] why Blob is so slow ?
Author Lester Caine
Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
> In this moment I am doing tests with Carlos Cantu and Dmitry Kuzmenko,
> and the culprit so far is my machine, on their machine (both !) the
> restore took 3s in mine 10 minutes !
> I am testing on ext3 and ext4 partitions and I will make more tests on
> another machine, so I can isolate hardware as a factor.

It is a little amazing at time when some things work fast on one machine and a
lot slower on another, but the sort of problem you are seeing I would check that
there is not a problem with the hard disc. I've seen that sort of effect when
the controller is having trouble reading a disk. It WILL read the data
eventually, but keeps winding the heads back to '0' and repositioning for each
block read. Replacing the hard disk and restoring the data invariably cleared
the problem. Had it a couple of time now - 'Maxtor' discs have been stripped
from all my customer machines now!

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