Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem bash: gsec: command not found in CentOS
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning "bhoim_182",

On 17/04/12 03:05, bhoim_182 wrote:

> when I want to change password masterkey from username sysdba using command gsec in CentOS, I have error "bash: gsec: command not found"
I assume that you are running within a bash session on the Centos
server? If so, it sounds as if /opt/firebird/bin is not on your PATH.
You have four options:

1. Instead of typing gsec, type /opt/firebird/bin/gsec.

2. You can cd to /opt/firebird/bin and the run ./gsec.

3. Add /opt/firebird/bin to PATH in your shell:

export PATH=/opt/firebird/bin:$PATH

and then gsec will work.

4. Do (3) above, but add it to your .bashrc file and ehn you next login,
gsec will work.


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