Subject Re: Restore problem
Author Aage Johansen
Dmitry Kuzmenko wrote:
if you run same command line for the same DB, i.e.
backup/restore, backup/restore, etc, than you killed metadata in it.

I think we are facing a major misunderstanding. Note, there are 2
sites involved.

Site A is running Fb/1.5. A backup is made nightly from a database.

At irregular intervals last night's backup is transferred (ftp) to
site B - my pc.

My pc is running Fb/2.5. I restore the backup here (site B) using
the parameters shown. The restore always overwrites the current
database (otherwise I rename it before restore).

This backup is _never_ returned to site A. It is just used (on site
B) for test/development.

The original database (at site A) is updated by some other users. I
do sometimes update the metadata of the database at site A.

Aage J.