Subject Re: [SPAM 4] [firebird-support] Re: Is such a CASE WHEN usage allowed?
Author Kjell Rilbe
venussoftop skriver:
> Now I can I be able to do a IN against an integer iID? If not is there
> any way to convert the comma separated string to comma separated
> integer value?

With a stored proc, yes, as suggested by Mark, but as I wrote far down
in my other post, you can do this:

POSITION(sep || soughtval || sep in sep || searchedvaluelist || sep) > 0

Adding sep before and after each string makes sure you don't get false
hits, like '12' in '341256,234,567' where '12' appears inside '341256',
but ',12,' doesn't.

Performance will suck, though. No indexing can be used.


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