Subject Re: [firebird-support] slow performance on linux
Author Lester Caine
Ivaylo Ivanov wrote:
> Then I've changed FB to classic, i've tried with compiled FB from me.
> Then I start tests with virtual machines, 32bit, 64bit OSes, different
> filesystems(jfs,xfs), even i've tried with ramdisk. I've tried with
> different page sizes, dbcache pages, forcewrite - on/off. Every time the
> result was that FB on Windows is better. May be, that is the true.

Have you tried simply pulling the power while running your virtual setup?
ForceWrite off gives a substantial improvement on windows and personally I would
be suspicious of how ANY virtual setup is handling that. In my tests, running
windows and linux directly on the same hardware I have yet to find any windows
setup which is faster than linux when run directly on the same hardware. I've
currently got W7 and Linux dual boot on my laptop, and I see backup time half
the time on the linux install. When Running the Apache/PHP/Firebird stack, linux
is a good 4 times faster. So personally I'll be staying with linux for the key
support servers :)

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