Subject Re: Re[2]: [firebird-support] OIT / NT
Author Jesus Garcia
> Sorry guys, I don't believe in magic or some spy applications, that
> suddenly generates lot of transactions.
> One of the cases like that, when some application started to generate
> millions transaction per day, was the programmer's fault, when
> he forgot to construct web page content from the database in one
> transation. Instead, his code produced start/commit at each
> web page element, and there were lot of elements.
> So, this is just the result of bad transaction control in application.
I also don't belive in magic, when talking about computer science, but is
not a programmer error. I have to say that i have seen it after backup and
restore cycle. Just starting to work our customers with the application, i
saw jumps of a big number of transactions. In my case we control the
transactions in all the application, and active/desactive them when we need
it. I have not seen that behaviour with firebird, but with Interbase 2009
yes. I thought it was a bug, like others in IB, and i could not reproduce


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