Subject Re[2]: [firebird-support] OIT / NT
Author Dmitry Kuzmenko
Hello, Jesus and Tiberiu!

JG> O don't know If is firebird or not but i have had the same
JG> problem wiith ibx+delphi+interbase 2009. I have had jumps of 20000 transactions, and of course
JG> is imposible by the kind of our app generate 20000 transactions
JG> in seconds. I have observes it, but I have not been able To reproduce it .

TH> At least I'm not alone .

Sorry guys, I don't believe in magic or some spy applications, that
suddenly generates lot of transactions.
One of the cases like that, when some application started to generate
millions transaction per day, was the programmer's fault, when
he forgot to construct web page content from the database in one
transation. Instead, his code produced start/commit at each
web page element, and there were lot of elements.
So, this is just the result of bad transaction control in application.

Teberiu, some you answers goes somehow not to this list,
because field "From" does not contain anything.

In your example you named lot of IBX components,
nearly all of them except IBTransaction. Do you really NOT using it?

TH> couldn't this problem be because of a failure in some hardware component ?
TH> or the FIBClient is not properly installed ?

NO. I say second time - nothing except you or your application is
generating these transaction.
Firebird (or fbclient) have no interest in data, transactions or even databases,
and it does not do anything by itself.

I can suggest you to read Helen's book about Firebird.
And, about IBX - try to read my article with some translation from
russian. You need to translate and read everything about IBTransaction
component and the section about how to work with transactions in this
document: or with translation

Unfortunately google translates only part of the document. So, you
will need to translate it by parts.

Dmitry Kuzmenko,