Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird and sharding ? - Email found in subject
Author Norman Dunbar
On 30/03/12 07:40, nathanelrick wrote:
Because I'm a masochist, I'll have a read of that later!

> No business logic in database
> no stored procedure
> only very simple triggers (default population)
> Move CPU intensive work to applications
> Referential integrity
> joins
> sorting
They are certainly keeping the database simple then. Wonder why they
bothered to pay huge sums of money to Oracle for licenses and features
to make their lives simple, and then completely ignore them and do
everything in code, in the application.

Sounds like their head of development needs a good (metaphorical) kicking.

This database will be corrupted at some point as soon as someone runs a
script that manages to avoid all the check constraints, referential
integrity and so on, unless they have to build it into each and every
script that touches the database.

Madness. Complete madness. A prime example on how not to create a
database system!

> Extensive use of prepared statements and variables
Yes, and I'll bet they do what every Java application I've seen does,
prepares the same statement hundreds of times, even though they should
do it only once.

for details. :-)


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