Subject Re: [firebird-support] Primary key with negative value
Author Alan J Davies
On 29/03/2012 14:25, jakefeed wrote:
> We have an database in which we supply product catalogs with pricing.
> The end user can create their own items, too. In order to separate the
> user's items from the items we supply, we're contemplating using
> negative primary keys for our items and positive primary keys for the
> users items. We are using Firebird 2.5.1. Are there any known issues
> using negative primary key values in this configuration. Thank you.
If this is your database (?) if so, its a lot easier to add a new field
which you can control with a domain such as a YES/NO on a field called
Our_Product_YN. The default of the domain could be 'Y' or 'N' according
to your needs. That way you just have one PK on Product_No and
Our_Product_YN. Much simpler to maintain.

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