Subject Re: [firebird-support] Identifying damanged pages
Author Ann Harrison
2012/3/29 Josef Koke´┐Ż <j.kokes@...>

> Due to hardware malfunction, my database got damaged. GFIX (-v -f -i)
> tells me that a database has 1 "record level error", 9 "data page
> errors", 41 "index page errors" and 322 "database page errors".

IBFirstAid is your friend, as is backup. But before you backup the
database, make a copy, use gfix to set it to read only, and back it
up with gbak, using the -g switch to suppress garbage collection.

If that works, you're unlikely to have lost data. Backup walks each
table in storage order. The structures are linked, so a lost or damaged
data page will show up.

Good luck,


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