Subject Re: Firebird and sharding ? - Email found in subject
Author nathanelrick
> I am not sure what your purpose of your DB is, but if I recall correctly you
> did something with session data in this big table. Perhaps for that purpose
> the use of another database like one of the noSQL database is better.

yes, that is another story this session database... in fact firebird is not very well suited for this purpose (and it's not the purpose of SGBD like firebird to do so) but this was not very hard to migrate it's was just few tables

> I read some article shortly ago about a big site with a lot of trafic. They
> migrated their session data to a noSQL DB (I believe MongoDB) because of the
> nature of the data. They gained a lot of performance doing that.
> The concept of these noSQL databases is not clear to me yet (I am not a DB
> specialist) but I do read a lot about sites migrating parts to these kind of
> database from a former relational database like Firebird. One of the
> examples mentioned often is historical data that is moved to these noSQL
> databases.

I study it actually, and as far as i see, some DB (mostly index) are really unbeatable on some stuff like for exemple indexed search (but of course huge memory usage). and the best is to use both : Firebird to keep the object and access them via "where ID in (xxx, ...)" and index like SOLr, eleasticSearch, sphinx, etc to get listing of row like where xxx > n and yyy < w order by ttt