Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: GSEC error..Invalid Switch
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning Michael,

On 27/03/12 20:06, mpp12310 wrote:
> So what you are saying, it is better to use ISQL than GSEC to create Roles and set privileges on tables?
Yes, GSEC isn;t for roles, it's for users, server wide. Roles are
database specific. There is no ability in gsec to create roles.

> Good, this is what I will do. I did not feel comfortable with GSEC anyways; there is little documentation and ISQL is more SQL'ish, which I feel more at ease with than GSEC.
Little documentation? Hmmm - that'll upset the author of the gsec
manual, hang on, that was me! ;-)

The HTML manual for gsec is online at

and you can download the pdf version at

There's lots more documentation, but never enough, at if you need anything else.


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