Subject Re: Firebird and sharding ?
Author nathanelrick
Dear Sean,

> > i thing it's a easy thing to do (one or 2 days of developpement?) but that can
> > add an incredibble feature to firebird ...
> Comments like "I think it's a easy thing to do..." do not show you in a good light!

First i say "i think" and second as i already do it i can even "confirm" it's easy to do (if you want i can send you the demo project!)

SelectFromVirtualDatabase(ArrayOfDB) {
for each database in ArrayOfDB {

that all, don't say me it's terrible difficulty. the code you do in the core engine yes this is an "titan" job. try to install sphinx full text search and look how they do ... it's will take you few min

> before you go off and make comments that can be read/interpreted as:
> - "you guys are idiots, who obviously know nothing" and
> - "Ann thanks for your comments, but you are also an idiot, perhaps you should get _your husband_ to show you how it can be done"

i can not understand what make you think that i was thinking about something like this even for 1 second ! it's was a simple suggestion !