Subject Re: [SPAM 4] Re: [firebird-support] fb_inet_server hangs?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>> Thomas Steinmaurer skriver:
>>> Hello Kjell,
>>>> On occasion, it seems that one of the fb_inet_server processes hangs.
>>>> Are there any known issues that would cause a hang?
>>> Yes, that can happen from time to time. As you are on 2.1.3, e.g. the
>>> list of fixed bugs in 2.1.4 show some evidence that things do improve
>>> with each (sub)-release.
> And don't forget to keep Guardian right out of the picture.

Helen, good one!

I don't know the installer, because I exclusively use the ZIP
distribution, where the -guardian option isn't used in install_classic.bat.

With regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer (^TS^)
Firebird Technology Evangelist

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