Subject Re: What the best way to to join 2 tables across 2 databases ?
Author nathanelrick
Thanks svein ...

exactly i was thinking the same
select * from MyTable2 where ID in (<id_we_retrieve_from_the_first_select>)

but i face 2 problems :

1rt: <id_we_retrieve_from_the_first_select> is from 0 to 100, it's mean i will need around 100 statement in my pooling mecanisme (because i need to add "?" as mmuch as i have ids). as i m a little affraid about the multithread implementation of firebird client, every statement have it's own connection and transaction that is not shared. and 100 connections open used ressources ... that not a big deal but a little

2nd: the around time taken for select ... from MyTable2 where ID in (<id_we_retrieve_from_the_first_select>) is 150 ms, that look slow. i reduce from 70 ms by removing the prepare thanks to my pooling mecanisme. but still have 70 ms :( probably i can not do better, it's like this but my first impression is that it's look slow ....

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