Subject RE: [firebird-support] UDF Question(s)
Author Jerry Sands
Extract(Day from MyDate)

Extract(Month from MyDate)

Extract(Year from MyDate)

DateDiff(Day from FirstDate to SecondDate) (you can substitute Month, Week,
Hour, Minute, Second, and MilleSecond as well.

These are all in FB V2.1

I'm trying to eliminate the need for the FreeUDFLib so I can have the option
of running Firebird 32-bit or 64-bit.

I believe I'm down to 4 UDFs - are there any replacement for the following:

F_DAY (extracts the day from a passed date)

F_MONTH (extracts the month from a passed date)

F_YEAR (extracts the year from a passed date)

F_AGEINDAYS (returns an integer with the number of days between two
parameter dates)

Thanks in advance,



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