Subject Re: [firebird-support] FDB networking
Author Marc Gilels
Its not unsual for my programmer to leave out important steps, it makes him feel valuable when he comes to the

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Em 15/3/2012 18:33, Doug Chamberlin escreveu:
> On 3/15/12 5:22 PM, Marc Gilels wrote:
>> It will be interesting
>> to see since he indicated that it should connect the same way Access did, with
>> full permissions and a path to the server FDB.
> That does not sound correct to me. While it is theoretically possible,
> it would be a severely twisted way for the application to work. Not
> normal at all.

Theorically yes, but in practice no, as you already know :)

The locking will not work for embedded FB server hosted on an lan mapped
drive accessed trough multiple clients.

To the OP:
Firebird is a diferent piece of software than MS Access, FB is a
client/server RBDMS, the clients (workstations) ask for the server for
information, the server access the phisycal file read it and give the
information back to the clients trough the network. While in MS access
the workstations read the file phisically.

see you !

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