Subject Re: [firebird-support] FDB networking
Author Doug Chamberlin
On 3/15/12 3:10 PM, Marc Gilels wrote:
> This is the actual error (attached)
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> We are runing firebird on our XP pro server and viewing with firebird on a win 7 station...all permissions given

Listen carefully. You should not be giving permissions to read or write
to the FDB file to users on other computers. The Firebird server
program, running on the XP Pro server, is the only machine that should
access the FDB file directly using file system access permissions.

I'm pretty sure the error you are getting is due to you trying to access
the FDB file from the client computer. This is not the proper way to
access the database. Therefore, the error is legitimate and proper and

I repeat, what program are you using to try to access the database? What
does "viewing with firebird" mean exactly? Are you using a custom
application written for your company? Is it MS Access? Is it Notepad?