Subject Re: Why it's soo slow ? it's just a very simple select ...
Author hvlad
--- In, "nathanelrick" wrote:
> OK, thanks...
> so it's confirm :
> 1/ try to avoid table with big number of fields (mostly try to make the size of a record (size used by all fields) more little as possible)

Nope. It is the same as if you going to avoid tables with big number of rows.

> 2/ try to use a pool of parametized statement (read only read commited)... because here it's only the prepare that is slow

Re-use of prepared statements is a way to go, definitely. And it not depends on tx isolation level.

> 3/ try to use bigger page size (16k?)

It will reduce number of PP's, yes. But it could make writes slower, so you need to evaluate it first on your load.

> but just want to know if in the background, in the engine, nothing can be done in the c++ code to ameliorate this behavior of the prepare

We hope that whole statistics subsystem will be reworked in v3.