Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Why it's soo slow ? it's just a very simple select ...
Author Benno
Hi Rick,

>thanks Karol, but here the probleme seem to be in the prepare ... and the
>stat don't show us how many page fetch/read etc.. :(

I think the main problem in your case is that you only got answers on
snippets of information you gave in this list. You blame Firebird and it's
architecture for that by flaming it, while I think your problem is in your
architecture both of your applications and most probably your database too.
You seem to have a lot of experience on databases, but Firebird like most
databases has it's own unique quirks. One of them is the versioning in the

In one of your mails you wrote you use a transaction pool. I personally do
not understand the use of that, since transactions with Firebird should be
as short as possible. If you keep transactions open for a long time,
performance can degrade over time with increasing users and load because of
versioning in the database.

I am convinced it would help you if you get some Firebird specialist to have
a look at your problems together with you. That specialist would need to see
the full picture of course, so not only the database but also how you
interact with it from your application(s).

I am a Delphi developer and we have a dutch Delphi community site.
Occasionaly we have Arno Brinkman visit our forum on Firebird questions.
Arno has a lot of knowledge on Firebird and often is capable to make a query
we (as a group) created not only much shorter but also performing a
magnitude better then what we came up with.

So spend some money, hire a Firebird specialist to work together with you
and learn from him or her. After that I am convinced you will become a happy
Firebird user, with a well performing Firebird database.