Subject Re: [firebird-support] Backup and restore of users
Author Tomasz Tyrakowski
I had run it just before posting, on one of our servers. Debian 6, FB
2.5.0 CS. Worked all right.
You're right about Windows. Just checked it and got "no permission for
direct access to security database". I haven't thought about testing it
on Windows - sorry Aldo, my solution only half-works.


On 2012-03-08 10:54, Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:
> Hello Tomasz,
>> gbak -B /opt/firebird/security2.fdb ./security2.fbk
>> works as well. Restoring requires two steps: restore to an alternate
>> location (gbak -C security2.fbk somefolder/security2.fdb), then stop the
>> server (SS) or close connections (CS) and copy the restored
>> security2.fdb to the proper location in FB directory. AFAIR, a similar
>> procedure is required when upgrading from pre-2.x FB (it's mentioned in
>> the section "Security in Firebird 2 (All Platforms)" in "Firebird 2
>> Migration& Installation" here:
>> but without details).
> Starting with Firebird 2, the security database can't be accessed by a
> regular/direct database connection anymore. Accessing is only possible
> via the Services Manager. Thus, you need to use the -se switch when
> backing up the security database. At least on Windows. Can't test your
> above gbak call under Linux right now.

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