Subject Re: [firebird-support] Backup and restore of users
Author Tomasz Tyrakowski
gbak -B /opt/firebird/security2.fdb ./security2.fbk

works as well. Restoring requires two steps: restore to an alternate
location (gbak -C security2.fbk somefolder/security2.fdb), then stop the
server (SS) or close connections (CS) and copy the restored
security2.fdb to the proper location in FB directory. AFAIR, a similar
procedure is required when upgrading from pre-2.x FB (it's mentioned in
the section "Security in Firebird 2 (All Platforms)" in "Firebird 2
Migration & Installation" here:
but without details).


W dniu 2012-03-07 17:47, Milan Babuskov pisze:
> Aldo Caruso wrote:
>> Which are the steps to follow to backup and restore database users and
>> passwords ?
> I usually just stop the server and copy security2.fdb file. Unlike the
> databases, it is rarely written to. I mean, how often do you open new
> user accounts.

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