Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Why it's soo slow ? it's just a very simple select ...
Author Ann Harrison
On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 1:25 AM, nathanelrick <nathanelrick@...> wrote:

> yes Rick, but what will be my job after :( i will be fired because i will
> become useless :(
> but what the specialist will say me here ? yes it's a true disaster, the
> index entries are spawn in the record page, mean that if your row is 32k
> (for exemple) then it's will be dammed sloww, not to retrieve the record,
> just to read the index because index will use very lot of pages ... or it's
> a bug in firebird ! anyway the answer will not help ! here i just want to
> point that this behavior is not acceptable for a good database engine !

You've presented the list with a problem that we haven't been able to solve
given the information available. And no, "the index entries are NOT spawn
in the record page" - index entries use only the key values, they're stored
on index pages, and they're prefix compressed. I haven't a clue what
problem you're seeing. Did gstat tell that your indexes are more than
three levels deep? Paying for support isn't cheap, but wasting weeks of
your time trying to resolve a problem isn't free either.

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