Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Effect of GUID in primary key on v 1.5 vs 2.5
Author Michael Ludwig
Benno schrieb am 06.03.2012 um 20:24 (+0100):
> I can't find the article, but I would NOT use GUID.
> GUID is a string, and afaik strings are not very efficient in
> combination with FB. So I would use a numeric PK.

Well, it's a 128 bit (or 16 byte) integer, usually formatted as a
string, like [Guid("3D27DE89-A43C-480C-866A-958E33705B19")].

Visual Studio has a handy tool called guidgen.exe to create them (for
COM, or possibly other stuff).

That said, I second Benno's advice not to use them.

Sixteen bytes, that's like 4 billion times 4 billion times 4 billion
times 4 billion.

A former employer used GUIDs to denote male/female.