Subject Re: Howto use Active Directory for authentication?
Author ainpoissee
--- In, Thomas Steinmaurer <ts@...> wrote:
> > First, do I understand it right that in order to use AD the Firebird server must be installed onto the domain controller server? Or is it possible to use Linux as a DB server and still use AD for user authorization? Or some other win server than the DC server?
> Linux is out of question here. Windows Authentication works only when
> connecting to a Firebird server running on Windows.

Do you know is there already feature request on this in the tracker? I mean the ability to use Linux as a DB server but forward authentication to AD.
If there isn't I should probably add it...

> You don't necessarily need installing the Firebird server on a DC.

Any extra configuration needed when they are on different servers?
Or if the DB server is in the domain too, it all will just work?

> You have to explicitely provide the desired role name at connect time,
> so per connection, a connected user can only work in context of a single
> role.

Oh, so roles are kind of useless as you still have to provide some auth info yourself, can't just let the AD handle it all... another feature request here, must be able to provide the role in the AD too.