Subject Re: [firebird-support] Why is a blank not a blank?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> try the following code:
> create exception test 'Blank';
> set term ^;
> create OR alter procedure p_test
> as
> begin
> IF (' ' = '') THEN
> exception test;
> end^
> set term ;^
> execute procedure p_test;
> Upon execution the exception is raised. So Firebird is saying that a blank is the same as no blank.
> We are not talking about trimming of chars or varchars here. These are constants. Surely this can't be the desired outcome...

As expected. The equality operator removes trailing spaces before
evaluation. Use LIKE if you want to take trailing spaces into account.

With regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer (^TS^)
Firebird Technology Evangelist

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