Subject size specification either missing or incorrect
Author André Knappstein
Hi Gang,
preparing finally for the leap of faith and switch from 1.5.6 to 2.5.2
on all applications and databases. So far everything is still nice. I
followed documentations and postings on the -Fix_FSS_M switch.

I never made too wide use of UDFs, so I don't expect too many problems

No I found the following:
On occasions (not regularly, but quite often) I get the "size
specification either missing or incorrect...". I checked old postings
but did not find something for my case.

I am not specifying file sizes. Each database consists of only 1 file.

I have the impression that the order of parameters in gbak.exe can
influence the quota of errors, but can't lay a hand on it.

For example, the following mostly works, but not always:
gbak -rep Z:\Local\Daten\BU_SFiles Z:\Local\Daten\SFiles -user SYSDBA
-pas masterkey –y Z:\Local\Daten\X_SFiles.txt -v -FIX_FSS_M WIN1252

while the next one sometimes works, but in most cases not:
gbak -rep Z:\Local\Daten\BU_SFiles Z:\Local\Daten\SFiles -user SYSDBA
-pas masterkey -v -FIX_FSS_M WIN1252 –y Z:\Local\Daten\X_SFiles.txt

note please, that I only change the order of parameters.
Also, this only happens when restoring from 1.5.x backup to 2.5.2
server. Restoring from functional 2.5.2 backups never fails with any

One thing I can definitely say is that in several 100 occasions, gbak
never fails if I drop the -y <path> option completely.

While this is not critical for deciding if I will upgrade or not, I'd
like to know if this is just a hint on something more serious not
working with my upgrade plan.